A thing nobody has said anywhere ever

About a Canadian passport photo.

"That's a great picture."

God bless security at MSY.

Catfish poboy dressed

By the riverside on a perfect day.

Not a bad way to end a trip to the Crescent City.


The yakamein

And everything else at Meauxbar (Sylvain's sister restaurant, as it turns out) (Yes,  I have a type) was excellent.


Probably not actually filling up.

The Men and Lady Buck jumpers

Put on an amazing parade. With Rebirth and the Stooges.

The pink smoke marked their exit from the bar.

Did I say

The Hot 8 brought down the house last week?

I lied. They brought it down this week. As a 14 piece.

The irony...

Whenever I happen across Miss Linda's yak-a-mein, I have just eaten. 

To make things worse,  I actually intend to eat some fancy weirdo yak-a-mein tonight at a French bistro.

Miss Linda: Next time. Come hell or high water.


Visual representation of

The aural experience of listening to the Slow Rollers outside of the Walgreens on Charters.

Christmas decorations

Reflect local realities.

In case you didn't believe it

Yes, New Orleans is a magical land of unicorns and rainbows.

Whiling away the afternoon on the banks of the Mississippi

Can't go wrong.



In case I forgot to mention, Vaso is officially the worst club on the Frenchmen strip. Inconveniently, they often have good music.

An Indian warrior

From uptown in full regalia just about for in a knock down drag out with someone I presume is a downtown Indian who is sitting outside of Vaso in street clothes.
I had been thinking that I could never maintain this pace if I lived here,  but maybe I was wrong.

The Original Pinettes

Are bringing down the house at Bullet's Sports Bar. They are currently riffing on the Ghostbusters theme song.


Once you go peacock feather, you never go back

I had no idea, but I wore peacock feathers all day and can't wait to wear then again. I was afraid I might be overdressed, but that was far from the case. You can go full sequin, satin, drape yourself in furs... The sky's the limit.

And here is a smattering of the finest millinery from Thanksgiving Day at the Fairgrounds for your viewing pleasure.



Closes for the bad oyster months, so I wasn't able to come in the summertime. But now it's wintertime and the living is easy.

I started with the gumbo, and was fascinated by how the seafood itself differed from Brennan's.  There, the pieces were plump and tender. Here, they almost dissolved in my mouth.  In neither case were they the gummy mess I had too often encountered (and which made me think, much against my better judgment,  that I didn't like seafood gumbo). The roux was dark and thick with okra. Two thumbs up.

The oyster load was good. Great once I added some hot sauce. I washed it all down with an Abita Amber and was about to leave when I suddenly had to stop off at the raw bar.

Can you blame me?

Ruben’s Taco Truck

Is a little kitchen at the back of Cafe Negril.  It is amazing and inexpensive and has a little something for everyone (except perhaps vegans), and yet often falls off my radar,  whereas really,  I should probably stop in any night I am dancing on Frenchmen.


Excuse me...

Walking down Bourbon earlier today (just one block), I had to dodge two men blocking the sidewalk. As I passed, one of them said, "Oh, sorry." Having had some recent conversations on this word,  I doubled back to ask, "Are you Canadian?"

Yes. From Leamington. I feel that the "sorry vs. excuse" me debate has been settled.

Happy hour at Pascal's Manale

I used to enjoy reading a local reviewer who did a "X at X - worth it?" series, and one of the "Hell yes" reviews was of the half price drinks and oysters at Manale's.

I am here to confirm. Hell yes. Sorry,  no pics. I was too busy slurping oysters.


The bread is lighter than air with a shattering crust. Leidenheimer. Très New Orleans. The butter is soft and sprinkled with a dusting of sea salt. The Bloody is thick with a slight kick and a hint of bitterness.

The seafood filé gumbo is out of this world.  Crab, shrimp, andouille, and oysters, thickened with filé. The seafood was perfectly tender, toothsome, melt-in-your-mouth delicious (none of that rubbery texture you sadly too often get). Miles above anything I've ever had.

For my main, I had the crispy fried oyster salad, whuch was lovely and light, but sadly not light enough to leave me room for the Southern pecan cake with rum reduction,  butterscotch sauce and candied bacon.