The Mandina version

Pales in comparison to Brigtsen's, which just tastes as refined as never you mind,  but it will do, more than do, in a pinch.

Guess what they've got on the menu at Mandina's?



The Krispy Kreme bread pudding

Was silly and unnecessary and delicious in its rum butter sauce.

It was also comped, because the waiter felt I had waited too long.

Again unnecessary,  but appreciated.

Killer po-boys

We wound up trying the last two non grilled cheese sandwiches last night,  and while the pork belly was very good, the shrimp is still the winner.

Unless you *need* to eat healthy, skip the sweet potato.

Also, the bartender just happens to have a tattoo of the symbol for chartreuse on his forearm,  which just happened to be the answer to a clue in a scavenger hunt someone just happened to come in for.

My battery died, so no pics, but I'm sure he'd show you.


Had relocated to Carrollton, and I thought that the food might have gone downhill, because the space has a very different vibe, but the hogshead cheese sandwich with grilled green onion mustard,  arugula, and pickled peaches was divine.

I have only good things to say about their Sophia Loren and Dark and Stormy cocktails too.

Will fill you in about the not-sure-it-was-a-good-idea Krispy Kreme bread pudding



What's that I said

About outdoor fans?

From the soft-shell shrimp app

Which the gentleman at the next table rightly told us to order two of ("Cause otherwise you only get one each - I ordered two plates just for myself") to the soft-shell crab to the pecan pie,  Brigtsen's was a winner all around.

And then TBC brought the house down at celebration hall. Can't get much better than that.



I have had my first Hansen's sno-ball. I got the decidedly excessive Jr. Atomic (wild cherry). It is made of the finest shaved ice you ever saw,  drizzled with layers of the flavour syrup and topped with crushed pineapple and marshmallow fluff and ice cream and possibly other decadent summertime delights.

If you need to go shopping for plants afterwards, that's OK too.

Staying uptown

One of the reasons I chose this location was because it lies halfway between the St. Charles streetcar and the Magazine bus. All the more options for getting around town.

Little did I know that most of the streetcar route has been impacted by a construction project, meaning that busses are running in its stead (and since busses aren't any kind of tourist draw, they seem to be running substantially less often). Oh well. At least there is more than one Magazine 11 these days.

Another reason I chose this location was its proximity to the lovely and delicious Boulangerie - which is taking a French-style vacation, closed for most of the summer.

(If all this seems reminiscent of the time the lovely Veever and I failed to visit New Orelans and instead were sent to the purgatory that is Baton Rouge, well, yes.  It is.)

But.... I just called Brigtsen's to see if I could make a reservation for tonight.  And while on the phone I had a question about the soft-shell crab meunière  (which is the reason why I am here at a time when the high is a "feels like 47"). It isn't on the online menu, though that menu is only a sample. So I admit I was a little nervous,  but my mind has been set at ease.

"That's right, honey.  We'll see the three of you at 8 o'clock for some soft-shell crab."


It's good to be home

Especially now that the coldest February of all time is over.

Minus three I can handle.

Totally unexpected

I decided to order some char siew (BBQ pork and pork belly) with rice at the airport just in case, and it was actually really good.

But because I wasn't expecting it, I failed to take a picture, so instead you get a new year dragon.

Bye bye, Hong Kong. See you again real soon.

And god bless

The bus driver of the A 21.

She totally stopped and picked me up when she didn't have to, smiling, "Timing is everything."